The 2019 BPA Programme (and speaker follow-up information)

The programme for the 2019 Spring/Summer/Autumn Terms can be viewed below, or click here to download a pdf version.

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2019 - Spring/Summer/Autumn Terms

Monday 14th January, 2019

Integrative Medicine – the ‘And’ rather than the ‘Or’

Dr Elizabeth Thompson Dr Elizabeth Thompson is a Holistic Doctor and CEO of the Portland Centre For Integrative Medicine. Elizabeth was an undergraduate at Oxford and then Guys Hospital and trained to Consultant level in Palliative Medicine. From early on she became interested in a number of holistic approaches and her thesis was about how we can use non-drug approaches to support patients with cancer.

Monday 4th February, 2019

Umbilical Dynamics: Relationship begins in the womb

Matthew Appleton Matthew Appleton is a body-psychotherapist working in private practice in Bristol and a member of the International Society of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine. He facilitates workshops for adults to explore their prenatal and birth experiences, as well as training health professionals to work therapeutically with babies.

Monday 5th March, 2019

Healing As Practiced in the UK Today: What is it and what can it achieve?

Paul Diepps Dr Paul Dieppe is a doctor who was Professor of Rheumatology in Bristol for about 100 years, and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, before working in health services research for the Medical Research Council, and then shifting to research on health, wellbeing and healing at the University of Exeter, where he is currently an Emeritus Professor.


Monday 1st April, 2019

Therapy - the Art of Love in Action!

Anna Grace Jacobs Anna Grace-Jacobs has been exploring the interface between therapy, spirituality and shamanism for almost 40 years.  As a qualified play/ creative therapist and supervisor she pioneered services in grief and loss. As healer and shamanic practitioner she holds sacred space -  her practice is to link and integrate all together. is a Transactional Analyst and has been in 

Monday 20th May, 2019

Working With People on the Spectrum

Nick & Corrina Wood Nick & Corrina Wood have been delivering courses and workshops on Autism since 2008.  Corrina is a qualified trainer who delivers Autism Awareness Training.  She has a MA in Autism specialising in increasing autism awareness in the wider family through storytelling.  Nick is a Counsellor who manages a local authority counselling service, has an advanced certificate in working with neuro-diversity and is a National Autistic Society recommended therapist.  Corrina and Nick  have four children who have a diagnosis of Autism. They draw upon their personal experiences, both within family and professions, to bring their workshops to life and illustrate theory.


Monday 3rd June, 2019

All Parts Are Welcome - An introduction to Internal Family Systems

Liz Martens Liz Martins is a Certified Internal Family Systems therapist and assists on IFS trainings in the UK and Europe. Her original training was in psychosynthesis, and she is also a Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist and EMDR accredited. She has a private practice in Bath, and is a supervisor and trainer.

Monday 7th October, 2019

Heart and Soul! Preserving therapeutic values within today’s challenging climate

Dr Els van Ooijen Dr Els van Ooijen has a private psychotherapy and supervision practice in Bristol and until recently was a visiting lecturer at the University of South Wales.  A member of the Bristol Zen Group, Els has a regular meditation practice and is a qualified Shamanic Practitioner. She is currently working on a book provisionally entitled ‘Soul Work: Relational Integrative Therapy in Practice’.


Monday 4th November, 2019

Transitions - Psychological adjustment to change

James Brennan James Brennan worked in London teaching hospitals for 10 years and in 1991 established the first UK clinical psychology service in cancer medicine.  He also then taught at the Bristol Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and at the UoB medical school for over 20 years. In 2001 he published an influential paper on psychological adjustment to cancer, followed in 2004 by the first UK textbook on supportive care – Cancer in Context (Oxford University Press).  He has worked as a psychotherapist for nearly 40 years.


Monday 2nd December, 2019

Sex, vulnerability and Power in Therapeutic and Spiritual Settings

Amin Witt & Angelica McArthur-Kline Amin (formerly John) Witt has been working with individuals, couples and groups since 1983. Angelica MacArthur-Kline is a Clinical Psychologist who has worked in psychoanalytic, psychotherapeutic and spiritual settings since 1982. She has had a longstanding interest in the requirements and challenges of self realisation in these different settings.
They say: “On the basis of our own experiences of therapeutic and spiritual relationship and community we will explore through open conversation with each other and the audience the impact of the meeting of intentional vulnerability and openness with power and abuse in these all too human developmental settings. We will bring scenarios for discussion that we have witnessed or experienced.”


Evening meetings are from 7:30 to 9:15pm.

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