BPA 2021 Online Summer Term
Monday 19th April

Merete Holm Brantbjerg
Merete Holm Brantbjerg

Sitting on the Edge of

an Abyss, Together

Merete Holm Brantbjerg is a psychomotor therapist and body psychotherapist  specialized in working with stress and trauma. She has worked as a trainer, supervisor and individual therapist since 1978. Merete has developed Relational Trauma Therapy, which includes practical methodology related to hypo-states both in the muscles and in the autonomic nervous system

Monday 19th April
at 7:30pm (click to connect from 7:15pm)

Merete has a very deep interest in the embodied manifestation of collapse and defeat (hypo states) so frequently experienced by clients through the effects of trauma, resulting in lifelessness, emptiness and numbness in areas of the body. This presents difficulties for therapists attempting to reconnect clients with these disowned parts of their bodies, and so regain the life-force, spontaneous impulses and life energy which would normally be felt and expressed through those parts.
We tend to be better acquainted with the hyper states, where areas of the body become over-tense through chronic containment, which remain more in consciousness and which can be released through exercise and expression.
In contrast, muscular hypo response relates to states of dissociation, withdrawal and collapse often rooted in complex PTSD or in experience of sexual and other violence. Other modalities may describe this phenomenon differently. For instance, in IFS it could be linked to exiled parts.
Merete has developed very subtle and simple techniques for gradually rebuilding resource in such clients (and in ourselves in order to tolerate the counter transference to such unbearable states), which she will share with us. Through this clients may be led towards recovery and healing while avoiding overwhelm and reactive states.
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