BPA 2021 Online Summer Term
Monday 17th May

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The Third Body:

Personalising the space between

David Slattery has been working in private practice for over 30 years.

During this time he became a senior tutor on an MA psychotherapy programme and co-founded The Centre for Relational Couples Therapy, which provides training and supervision for those who want to develop their work with couples.

He is interested in dialogue, intersubjectivity and developing a mytho-poetic sensibility.

Monday 17th May
at 7:30pm (click to connect from 7:15pm)

The Third Body: Personalising the space between

David explains:
"This 'work', to remain aware of the third body, is to me a daily discipline. I see few 'models' in the everyday world of popular culture that help. Rather a continual reification of the individual.

I have been drawn repeatedly to the notion that there is a body that lives in the between. Connected to, and made by, the partners in a relationship, yet more than the sum of their parts.

It is my experience that awareness of this third body makes much more sense of relationship difficulties, whether they be in the consulting room, in individual or couple psychotherapy or outside.

I propose an experiential exploration of this subject. A consideration of what we all might know of 'third bodies' already, out of the corner of our eyes."

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