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The contact details of BPA committee members can be found on this page. If you wish to join BPA, visit the joining BPA page to find out more and download the membership form.

For membership enquiries, please contact the Administrator, Jan Simpson. If you have any questions about membership, please contact Jan, by using the contact form below, emailing her directly (see below) or telephoning her on 0117 950 9059.

For future contributions to the BPA programme, please contact any member of the committee.

Meet the committee...
Photographs from left to right: Terry Davey, Cyrous Keyani, Alex King
To contact a particular committee member, please use the email contacts below. Please note that (at) has been used in place of the normal @ symbol to help prevent email spamming, so please use the @ symbol when you email committee members :
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terry (at)
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Terry Davey (Acting Chair)
Cyrous Keyani               
Alex King (Acting Treasurer)   
Jan Simpson (Administrator) 
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